Saffron Goat Milk Soap

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Organic handmade soap, It is made with natural goat milk, saffron and other natural ingredients. Goat milk is good for skin fairness and saffron is for reducing skin dullness. Produce nourishment to early aging skin and enhance skin glowing. It is also good for skin spots and skin cleansing. 

  1. Cleansing and moisturizing for all skin types.
  2. For cleansing and moisturizing. For all skin types. With organic goat milk for most natural moisturization. – With Saffron – Paraben-free, no synthetic colors, 100% vegetarian.
  3. Saffron – Natural moisturizing and brightening – Rich in Vitamin B1 and B2 helps reduce dark melanin through its deep penetrating action and removes blemishes from the skin – Gives visibly glowing natural fairness.
  4. Goat Milk Saffron Beauty Bar
  5. known for its skin-enriching properties saffron and goat milk helps keep the skin radiate.
  6. Saffron as the name derived from gold with the perfect combination of goat milk gives you the best results to keep your skin healthy

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