Refund and Return Policy

A. Returns Policy:

1. Globenplanet is committed to delivering high-quality service compared to traditional businesses. Our authentic, genuine sellers are adhering to the standard return and refund policies. If your product is damaged, defective, incorrect, or incomplete at the time of delivery, please contact the independent shop owner/seller by phone or email to raise a return request. A return request must be made within 7 days of the item's delivery date. All customers or consumers are advised to contact them at least three times before escalating to the Globenplanet regulatory panel.

2. Please review our individual seller, brand, or company's warranty policy for electronic goods or appliances. Please check if the product is covered under the seller's or brand's warranty for electronic appliances & mobile phone-related issues after usage or after the return policy period.

3. Globenplanet accepts a change of mind on behalf of our shop owner or sellers, traders, entrepreneurs, brands, and companies. Please refer to the section below on Return Policy per Category for more information if this condition is applicable to your return and refund items.

B. Valid reasons to return an item

1. We ensure our seller offers direct seller-to-buyer drop ship delivery through a convenient delivery system. Some reasons are described here, but not limited to returns and refunds. The delivered product is damaged (i.e., functionally, physically destroyed, or broken) / defective (e.g., unable to switch on); the delivered product does not fit. (i.e. size is unsuitable), The delivered product is incorrect (i.e., wrong product/size/color, fake item, or expired), and the delivered product is incomplete (i.e., has missing items and/or accessories). The delivered product does not match the product description or picture (i.e., product not as advertised).

C. Conditions for returns and refunds

1. Globenplanet supports a wide range of customer care through the direct seller's drop ship process. The returned product must be unused, unworn, unwashed, and without any flaws. For fashion products, products may be tried on to see if the item fits. This will still be considered unworn. Relevant parties are advised to adhere to our strict terms and conditions.

2. The product must include the original tags, user manuals, warranty cards, freebies, invoices, and accessories. Temper, malformation, disfiguration, and manipulation are strictly prohibited to all relevant parties. It is important to indicate the Order Number and Return Tracking Number on your return package to avoid any inconvenience/delay in your return process.

3. Globenplanet works with multiple traders, brands, and companies' business partnerships. The product must be returned in the original and undamaged manufacturer's packaging/box. If the product was delivered in brand or company packaging/box, the same packaging/box should be returned. Do not put tape or stickers directly on the manufacturer's packaging/box. Phones, Tablets, Batteries & Chargers, Earphones & Headsets, Mobile & Tablet Accessories. A change of mind is not applicable for a return and refund.

D. Globenplanet Return and Refund Policy: Simple Steps

1. All customers and consumers are advised to keep their valid receipt, Electronic receipt, proof of purchase, and communication messages. You may need to show them in case of confusion or miscommunication among multiple parties.

2. Contact the individual seller or shop owner, entrepreneur, trader, brand, or company directly by mobile phone, email, or direct messaging. Explain your complaint directly to the seller and provide constructive, realistic feedback.

3. Check if your product meets all the conditions for returning products. Your seller may help you with simple steps of return and refund to minimize damage.

4. Choose your preferred method of return when you contact the seller directly. By terms and conditions, all our sellers must guide and support our customers to expedite smooth returns and refunds.

5. Your returned product will go through an independent product quality check by the seller. All our sellers will work and support our customers in the best interest of mutual business understanding among the interconnecting four interested parties, including customers, sellers, local government, and Globenplanet. Globenplanet independent, neutral, multidisciplinary source feedback, review, and audit process will ensure all parties adhere to our terms and conditions with reasonable rules and regulations.

6. Customer / Consumers will receive product return/ replacement after validation from the independent shop owner / sellers/ traders/ company.

7. Customers and consumers are advised to contact the Globenplanet team if their three unsuccessful attempts to contact the supplier (seller/ trader/ brand/ company) for their return & refund. Globenplanet will take the initiative to communicate seller to resolve the dispute between buyer and seller. However, suppose the fourth attempt failed to resolve the issues. In that case, the Globenplanet initiative fair and open meet-up can be an alternative option to resolve the return & refund issues.

Change of mind is not applicable for the Return and Refund Policy:

1. Baby care, Toys & Kids' categories Clothing, Apparel, Sunglasses, Shoes & Accessories, Toys & Games, Baby Care & Hygiene, Baby Gear, Diapers & Potties, Feeding & Nursing

2. Portable players, musical instruments, video games, televisions, headphones, speakers, cameras, drones, lenses, flashes, filters, microphones, video glasses, remote controllers, audio & entertainment equipment, other accessories

3. Beauty & Health products, mouth care, skincare, makeup, fragrance, moisturizers, creams, scrubs, oils, bath & body accessories, personal care & health, sexual wellness, shape wear, food supplements

4. Home & Living Hygiene, Bedding & Bath, Furniture & Lighting, Kitchen & Dining, Home Décor, Home Improvements, Household & Home Storage Supplies, Lawn & Garden, Other Accessories

5. Speakers, Consoles, PC/Video Games, Gaming Consoles & Accessories, Software CDs, Computing & Gaming: Laptops, Certified Refurbished Laptops, Components, Processors, Projectors, Storage, Printers, Scanners, Headphones.

6. Sports and travel clothing, apparel, shoes, sunglasses, and fashion clothing, apparel, sunglasses, shoes, and accessories.

7. Wide range of grocery products, processed foods, canned foods, bakery, beverages, baking and cooking, cigars and cigarettes, dairy, packaged foods, ready food, party accessories, snacks, meat and seafood, fruits and vegetables.

8. Pet foods and pet accessories, medicine and chemicals, laundry and di, Change of mind is applicable for return and refund. If the item received is damaged, defective, incorrect, or incomplete, a refund will be issued based on the individual seller's or trader's policy. Globenplanet will intervene in disputes, complex, legal binding circumstances in an open and fair environment for certain cases only.