Support Policy


1. Our valuable customers are encouraged to provide feedback on their experiences while encountering our business entrepreneurship sellers across a wide range of categories.

2. Customers could contact the respected seller directly for any information and queries about their products and services.

3. Customers and consumers could complain against any seller if they receive three unsuccessful communications or an unsuccessful resolution of a concern within 4-6 weeks' time. Contact Globenplanet Customer support services on  +8801735111005, E-mail: or create a support ticket through your marketplace dashboard.


1. Business and entrepreneurship information including registration, online marketplace shop opening, products upload contact support services on +8801735111005. E-mail:

2. Understanding values & principles, Rules & regulations, Terms & Conditions contact our business support services. Participation of our programme or marketing advertisement contact support services on +8801735111005. E-mail: or visit our help & support center

3. Independent business, brand, company and all Globenplanet registered accredited diverse entrepreneurs (GRADE) are welcome to engage our Globenplanet Business Support Network (GBSN) and Globenplanet entrepreneurship partnership programme (GEPP), Globenplanet affiliated partnership programme (GAPP) for mutual business development, advertisement and research & development.


1. Technical support team organised by Globenplanet service (GNPS) for any specific IT support including account registration, Products upload & customization, Authorization,  Restrictions, 

2. Participation of virtual teaching & training, advertisement, sponsorship, promotion, marketing contact on +8801735111005 and E-mail:

3. Globenplanet social network account relevant registration and technical support and social business consultation contact on  +8801735111005. Social account relevant queries E-mail: or visit our help & support center